Jamie King, Partner, Creative Director, The Tite Group

Over the past 15 years Jamie has worked his way from being a Mac Artist to Partner and Creative Director at The Tite Group – an independent content marketing firm in Toronto.

His contagious passion, attitude and work ethic has won awards on both the local and global scale, including lions at Cannes. He’s strategic, insightful and always trying to push boundaries while solving client business problems.

His unique up-bringing allows him to adapt quickly to new scenario’s, see things from different perspectives and tap into experiences and human truths discovered and experienced around the globe.

He believes in a flat, collaborative approach citing that we’re all students and teachers, all of the time. He’s always looking to find better ways to get to great solutions.

Jamie guides a team of wonderful makers to create content consumers want to see, vs have to see, and believes everything we do needs to grow business for the brands that we’re lucky enough to influence.

When Jamie isn’t working to improve the bottom line for the brands he’s honour to work on, you’ll likely find him on the ice with the hockey team he created called The Captains, in the jam room making music or travelling the world.