About CD Feedback

You're a budding copywriter, art director or designer. Maybe you're still in school, working on your book. Or perhaps you've just graduated and are out there looking for your first job in the business.

Either way, what you need more than anything is feedback on your book. Feedback from working Creative Directors who've been in exactly the same place as you.

That's why there's CDFEEDBACK.

It can be hard to get in to see a Creative Director. Heck, these are busy people. But this website allows you to reach out, ask for feedback on your book, your latest campaign, your ideas.

The CDs you find here have committed to giving that feedback in a timely manner.

Use this resource as often as you like. Read the articles and tips offered.

Spread the word. It's absolutely free and it's endorsed by the fine schools and advertising professionals you see at the bottom of the site.

Send your details and a link to your portfolio and get honest creative director feedback.

CDFEEDBACK. It's your way in.

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