Craig Bond, Chief Creative Officer, B STREET

Craig got his start in the business of creativity as an illustrator, honing his craft by knocking out storyboards and print layouts before succumbing to the design bug. We all start somewhere.

Since those early days he has grown to become a leader of creative brands amassing over 30 years of ‘below the line experience’ in North America and the UK.

This gives him a unique and diverse perspective on what it takes to deliver successful campaigns for a host of Global Brands such as Absolut, Coca-Cola, Lego and Coors (to name a few), but helping new brands to become famous is what keeps him inspired.

In the world of sponsorship and promotions, he’s developed scale campaigns for the likes of the NHL, MLB, Live Nation, Universal Music and the Canadian Olympic Association.

Leading great talent is a privilege, something he’s learned as an Executive Creative Director at FCB, Marketing Drive Worldwide before becoming the Creative Partner at B STREET Communications.

These days, he keeps busy helping brands across a range of channels, with specialism in Promotions Retail Engagement, Digital, Mobile and Experiential Marketing.

And yes, he still likes to draw.

Craig Bond

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