Shawn King, President and Chief Creative Officer, Extreme Group

Highly respected by clients, creatives, strategists, developers, and client services alike – Shawn King is an agency President with a Creative Director background and 25 years of experience to back it up. He’s an Amazing Race Canada competitor who’s one part Jagger, one part Sam Crow, but all business. Considering where he’s been, it’s no surprise Shawn’s stewardship has evolved into a unique, finely-tuned style that encompasses the best our industry has to offer.

Shawn loves to debate, he loves ideas, and he loves to keep things simple. He gets goosebumps when he sees great work - and optimistic when there’s more work to be done. And with a genuine and personable approach to the business, the work and people – working with Shawn is truly something special.

Internationally recognized and nationally regarded, Shawn’s passion for creativity, common sense and drive continues to push Extreme forward toward new and exciting horizons. Someone once said “common sense ain’t so common.” That’s because Shawn took it all. He’s a helluva guy that you want in your corner.

Shawn King

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